What’s So Good About Rolex Sea-Dweller?

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The Rolex Sea-Dweller from https://www.namsawang.com/th/rolex/sea-dweller/ is like the well-known Submariner, a lot more so: it’s beefed up, specked out, and well-rounded badass. While the Submariner is a qualified dive watch, it’s so good-looking, as well as versatile that the substantial bulk of units offered will most likely never get really damp. The Sea-Dweller, on the other hand, is resolutely made for extreme underwater usage, it’s the OG hardcore dive watch.

When the Sea-Dweller debuted in 1967 it existed within the Submariner line. It was rated to go considerably deeper, or 610m, than the existing Submariner, 200m waterproof at the time, and it incorporated a helium retreat valve a feature produced specifically for expert scuba divers living undersea, or in pressurized atmospheres, for extended durations. It was among the earliest watches to provide this particular niche feature, along with watches from brands like Doxa.
Though it supplied usually badass appeal even to the laid-back consumer, the Sea-Dweller was developed for particular technological use. 

Different organizations at the time of its development were exploring saturation diving, as well as watches, were among the necessary devices for that unsafe pursuit. The issue that the Sea-Dweller intended to fix was that helium in the pressurized environment scuba divers stayed in would go into the watch and then stand out the crystal off when decompression created the molecules to expand. Rolex patented the valve created to expel the gas, as well as this feature, in addition to a severe deepness ranking, separates the Sea-Dweller from its dive watch brother or sister, the Submariner.

2017-present: 126600

The existing Sea-Dweller is a strong 43mm large and is supplied in 2 variations: one in a standard steel situation and the various other with two-tone steel as well as yellow gold situation, Rolex describes mixed steel and gold watches as Rolesor. The addition of red “Sea-Dweller” text on the dial is a nod for enthusiasts to the earliest designs. It additionally brakes with 50 years of custom by including a cyclops, magnifier, over the date window, which is a controversial component on any type of watch; however, extra so on a Rolex symbol, naturally.