The Bon Voyage 1000 Lifestyle Rewards Program Described

The Life-style Rewards Program rewards the Bon Voyage 1000 cardholders who’re make use of the travel products and enable others in the future aboard.

The Life-style Rewards Program is rewarding cardholders with $1000 for each 6 Lifestyle Card Sales he/she makes. Bon Voyage 1000 utilizes a 2×2 Follow-Me methodology like a mathematical way of allocating Lifestyle Rewards Program rewards to the cardholders.


You have to sponsor 2 individuals to be qualified for earning any compensation within the program.

Allocation Plan

The Life-style Rewards Program allocation plan is dependant on a 2×2 Follow-Me Methodology.

Your once acquisition of our Lifestyle card puts you towards the top of a 2×2 matrix that holds room for six people.

When six Bon Voyage 1000 cardholders join for your board you “cycle”.

With every “cycle” you get $1000 and free re-entry onto a brand new 2×2 matrix.

At the first “cycle” you simply tripled you buy the car and there’s no-limit to the number of occasions you are able to “cycle” and generate $1000.

Clogging Your Gutters Matrix

You will find four methods for your matrix to become filled:

  1. New direct referral
  2. Spill over out of your up-line.
  3. Spill under out of your lower-line.
  4. Direct referrals show again to your matrix because they “cycle” out.

Leadership Matching Bonus

Whenever you cycle out two times, you’ll be qualified for the Leadership Matching Bonus. Each time your personally backed people cycle, you’ll earn $200.

Whenever you cycle 3 occasions, we add yet another bonus. Each time your second level people cycle, you’ll earn $100.

So you’ll be earning out of your own cycles, in addition to whenever your personally backed people cycle, so when their personally backed people cycle.